Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

Packaging biscuit mix.
On March 14, five families (four adults and 12 children) helped prep for this month's distribution day at The Pantry. They portioned biscuit mix, grits, rice, and seasonings and labeled bags. Many hands made light work and all ages helped out.

Obtaining textures from our surroundings.
On March 17, seven of our members explored texture at this month's Art Club meeting. They began with a group activity and discussion that included making rubbings of their environment. Then members spent the rest of the time at one or more of these stations: (1) Creating texture with paint:
Here students investigated painting techniques that create textured effects. (2) A collage has texture:
Here students made a mono- or di-chromatic collage that incorporated texture. (3) Shape rubbings:
Here students experimented with texture and color as they created a rubbing using a single shape.

Creating textures with paint.
On March 21, six of our families (20 persons total) met at the JCMOMA (Jefferson City Museum of Modern Art) to learn more about an artist the museum is currently featuring--Purvis Young. This was everyone's first time in the newly opened museum and it was quite a pleasure to see such a venue here in Jefferson City.

Some of our group at JCMOMA.
On March 28, our Quest Club held its second Badge Ceremony. It was a celebration of all the hard work members have put into earning badges the last three months. Members earned a total of 27 badges. After the ceremony the group had a party with yummy treats.

These members earned badges since the last Badge Ceremony.
--text by Billie S. and Jeannette F.
--photographs by Deanna C. and Evie M.