Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Fall Bake Sale

Which cookies to buy?
Two day's after the Fall Hayride, the weather had turned much cooler and our volunteers braved the cold and the breezes to sell baked goods in front of Walmart for five hours on Friday, Oct. 26. Our Spring Bake Sale saw us begin with $200 worth of baked goods and sell them out by 5:30 p.m. (The sale had been scheduled to last till 7 p.m.) So, our goal this time was to either not run out of baked goods or at least not until closer to the scheduled end of the sale. With almost $300 worth of baked goods, we ran out about 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the sale. Donations put our total take-in for the sale at $358.47. This money will be used to provide free and low-cost programs for area homeschooling families. Thank you to all our volunteers for their hard work and to the people of Jefferson City for their generosity!

During a break in the action.

Fall Hayride

It was a very warm day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a hayride and bonfire at Binder Park. As we rode down in a haywagon to the bonfire sight we saw lots of wildlife in the fields. Once we arrived, the little ones jumped off and immediately began playing and having fun. Of course as soon as we could unpack the food we were all about roasting our hot dogs. It was a lovely picnic lunch which included hot dogs, chips, veggies, and--of course--smores.  We even got in a short science lesson when the driver answered questions about the hydraulics on the tractor and let some of the younger ones pretend to drive. After we were all done eating, it was time to pack up and head back. On the ride back to our cars, we spotted a bald eagle flying over the lake and a pelican setting on a pole sticking up out of the water. Although it was warm, it was a gorgeous day for a hayride. Thanks to all of you were able to attend.

--by Melanie B.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Teamwork Badge

No one's falling off yet!
What do Wobblyballoons, Knots, Iceberg, and The Line Forms Here all have in common? Teamwork!

Our Quest Club met last week to work on the Teamwork Badge and played these four team-building games. Wobblyballoons involved team members each hitting the balloon with a marble inside of it one time before it fell to the ground. Knots involved each member grabbing two other members' hands, thus forming a big knot, and then unknotting the knot. Iceberg was played on a bedsheet that is getting smaller (melting) with the goal of not letting any one fall off the iceberg into the freezing water. And The Line Forms Here required members to line themselves up in a particular order--age, height, birthday, alphabetically by first and then middle name.

After the games the members discussed what teamwork is, why it is important, and what it requires.

Next month: Paleontology Badge. Join our Yahoo! group to learn more.