Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take 'N' Bake

Working the line.
On September 25, our group visited Papa Murphy's in Jefferson City. We had an amazing turnout. So many families showed a great interest. The older children were put on the pizza line and were each given a job to do, just as if they were working there. Then all the children were allowed to make their very own pizza to take home.
Making their pizzas to take.
After that we all squeezed in the cooler where all the ingredients are stored. We saw the machine in action that mixes the dough, the machine that cuts the dough into individual balls for the pizza, and the machine that flattens the pizza dough. The kids were excited and loved taking home their very own pizza to cook and eat later. Thank you to all who participated.
The entire gang.
--by Amanda M.
--photos by Amanda M. and Jennifer H.

Fall Service Project

Decorating bags.
We had a great turnout, and an absolutely beautiful day, for our fall service project.  A group of approximately seven families met at Sno Biz to make gift bags for people who will spend long hours or days in the ICU waiting room at St. Mary's Hospital. The kids had a fantastic time painting the canvas bags and making cards that will be a tremendous blessing to families with loved ones in ICU. Each family also donated supplies to fill the bags with toiletries and coloring books and other things to help families pass the time more enjoyably. We hope to continue the relationship with St. Mary's by volunteering with its fundraising mailings and other activities. I was so proud to drop off the beautiful bags filled with goodies!

Making cards.
More bags.

--by Kolbi W.
A few days later--
A thank you card from St. Mary's staff.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Magnetism Badge

Corralling rice with a magnet.
Our Quest Club members had the opportunity to learn more about magnets last Thursday at our monthly Quest Club meeting by working on the Magnetism Badge. Members made a compass out of a needle they magnetized, stuck through a marshmallow, and set to float in a bowl of water. Members also corraled rice on a piece of paper by using a magnet under the paper and a staple above. And they explored different magnets, how they interact with each other and how they interact with some magnetic and some non-magnetic materials.

Magnetizing needles for a compass.

We also had our second badge-pinning ceremony. The following badges were announced:

First Aid: Joey A., Ethan M., Hayden M.
Drawing: Eileen S., Audrey F.
American Girl Doll: Eileen S.
Camping: Hayden M., Ethan M.
Chef: Joey A.
Civil War: Joey A.
Dance (ballet): Audrey F.
Fantasy: Zoe S.
Fire Safety: Ethan M., Hayden M.
Lego: Luke F.
Map Reading: Morgan S., Alexis S.
Sewing: Eileen S.
Worms: Ava S.

Next month we will work on our Teamwork Badge.
Badge recipients.