Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

Our group outside the Da Vinci Exhibit.

On Feb. 8, two of our families volunteered at The Pantry helping package food for this month's distribution day.

A prototype of one of Da Vinci's inventions.
On Feb. 19, our group traveled to Kansas City to tour the Da Vinci Exhibit and enjoy some educational play at Science City; both attractions were located in Union Station.  Eight families--for a total of 31 members--attended this field trip. We began the day by watching a short film about Leonardo's life and then entered the exhibit where there were lots of hands-on items created from his drawings. We then had lunch together and spent the afternoon at Science City enjoying several new exhibits along with our old favorites. 

The water table at Science City.
On Feb. 22, our Quest Club held it's February meeting. The group had two presenters, Sophia H. and Hayden M. Sophia presented information about the Gardening badge, then led a project planting seeds. Each member got to take home a cup with seeds to plant at home. Hayden's presentation was about the LEGO badge. He brought LEGO figures he had built to fulfill the badge requirements. He then showed the group how to build a strong LEGO wall and let the club members try building heir own walls. Next month will be a Badge Ceremony to recognize all the club members' hard work earning their badges. The kids are excited to get their badges and have a party!
Sophia details her Gardening badge.
On Feb. 29, we celebrated Leap Day with a Game Day in the morning. Fifteen children from seven families played Pokemon, Clue, Magic the Gathering, and other games in the Art Gallery of the library. Afterwards, several of the families headed to our favorite local park to spend some time outdoors.

--text by Evie M., Billie S., and Jeannette F.
--photos by Evie M. and Matthew M.

Hayden describes his LEGO badge.

Playing Magic the Gathering at Game Day.

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