Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

Making biscuit mix for The Pantry.
Welcome to a new year! We started this year with our usual monthly activities. Here's a recap.

Working with the clay.
On Jan. 11, six of our families helped out The Pantry. We started at the Jefferson City Country Club where we used their bakery kitchen to make the biscuit mix that goes with the chicken pot pie menu item. From there, we went over to The Pantry to take inventory and prep bags for distribution day.
On Jan. 21, Art Club learned how to make clay coil pinch pots. We used air dry clay that turns white when dry so the pots can be painted. We had a variety of structures including teacups and a castle tower. After everyone tried their hand at the coil pots, some members used the remainder of the time to make clay sculptures.
A finished project.
Nathan F. tells about the badges he earned.
On Jan. 25, Quest Club met at the library for it's regular meeting. There were four presentations. Nathan F., age 5, described what he had to do to earn the three badges he has earned so far. Luke F., age 8, shared his timeline of LEGO events that he did for the LEGO badge, level 4. Audrey F., age 10, shared some of the things she did for the Fantasy badge. And Adrianna H., age 12, shared what she did for her Marine Animal badge. Other members briefly mentioned what they were working on and we welcomed two new members--Jameson S. and Elijah S.

Luke F. with the timeline he made for his LEGO badge.
Next month some of our members will be taking a field trip to Kansas City's Union Station to see a Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and play at Science City.

Audrey F. tells about the work she did for her Fantasy badge.

Audrianna H. talks about the Marine Life badge she completed.
Till then, stay warm!

--by Evie M. and Jeannette F.
--photos by Evie M.

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