Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 2015

Cookie Cake honoring Quest Club members for all the badges they earned this quarter.

We were busier than usual for December of this year. We had two Quest Club activities--a field trip to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter and a Badge Ceremony--and helped out at The Pantry.

Checking out some of the dogs at the animal shelter.
Playing with a kitten.
On Dec. 2, members of our Quest Club took a field trip to the Jefferson City Animal Shelter. The field trip fulfilled several badge requirements for members. Club members brought donations to the shelter which helped fulfill a service badge requirement and helped out the animals. The group learned about what workers do on a daily basis--from rescuing wild animals found in citizens’ homes to caring for the animals at the shelter. Members asked a lot of great questions, then got to spend time with the adoptable kittens, cats, and dogs.

Members with their new Quest Club badges.
On Dec. 7, our Quest Club held its first Badge Ceremony. The event was held at the Capital Arts Gallery here in Jefferson City. Eighteen children earned a total of 64 badges. All of the children have been working on individual badges since the formation of Quest Club in September. Before the ceremony three members gave presentations on the badges they earned. Later the group enjoyed refreshments to celebrate their first Quest Club Badge Ceremony.

On Dec. 14, three of our families helped The Pantry prepare for their monthly distribution day. We met at the Jefferson City Country Club and packaged several spices, rice, and oatmeal. The kids worked very well together and finished everything there was to do in about 1 1/2 hrs.

--text by Billie S. and Jennifer K.
--photos by Evie M.

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