Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 2015

Enjoying a meal with friends and family.
On Sept. 13, 34 members attended our annual Family Picnic at the North Jefferson Recreational Area. After a potluck meal of delicious food, we all fellowshipped, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. The kids played several games, including a water relay and an egg and spoon race. We are looking forward to next year's picnic!

Egg and spoon race.
On Sept. 14, two families helped out The Pantry as part of our monthly service project. They put together packets of oatmeal and spices and did inventory.

Part of Jill F.'s presentation.
On Sept. 17, the Art and Science clubs met together at the library for a combined monthly meeting. The two groups were led by Jill F., who introduced color theories and how they apply to science and art. The kids participated in an experiment that tested their visual cues of color on taste. They had three glasses of three different colored liquids. They tasted them and picked their favorite. Some children guessed correctly--that the liquids all tasted the same regardless the color--but others were “fooled” by their brains that the different colors had different tastes. Then Jill F. introduced two color theories and what they mean in relation to art and science. The kids then did their art project, which was to make a two-sided color wheel that they could spin on a string and witness the colors combining. Thanks Jill F. for a great Art and Science Club meeting!

Making color wheels to see how colors combine.

On Sept. 28, members interested in forming a Quest Club met at the library. We had a large group of parents and kids in attendance, 28 people all together! We discussed Quest Clubs, how meetings would be run, when the group would meet and how members earn badges. Everyone left energized and ready to begin a new JCSHG activity!

--text by Biilie S. and Jeannette F.
--photos by Evie M.