Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

On Aug. 10, we continued with our on-going service project to help The Pantry. For more information about what foods are available or to volunteer to help on distribution day, visit their website.

Mom looks on as daughter crochets.
On Aug. 20, Art Club members learned the basics of crocheting and some attempted to crochet a bookmark. Thank you for organizing this, Jessica R.!
Bubbles at Science and Nature Club.

On Aug. 25, Science and Nature Club members met to learn about surface tension by experimenting with bubbles. They learned how to make a bubble solution. Then they discussed what substances mix to create the water tension which holds air thus creates a bubble. Members also blew bubbles with different wands that they created. It was a perfect summer science activity. Thank you for organizing this, Jennifer K.!
Bubbles with a homemade wand.

Our members who attended The Magic House field trip this month.
On Aug. 28, we took this year's Annual Fall Field Trip to The Magic House in St. Louis. Forty-four members attended. We began our time in The Magic House by playing together in the traveling exhibit "Forts & Clubhouses."  We also enjoyed the "Children's China: Celebrating Culture, Character, and Confucius" temporary exhibit, as well as all of the other wonderful hands-on activities at this children's museum. Thank you for organizing this, Evie M.!
Making forts with our friends.

Playing with friends at Park Day . . .
Also, this month we have been enjoying some beautiful weather at our weekly Park Day.

. . . and more friends.
--text by Evie M., Billie S., and Jeannette F.
--photos by Jeannette F., Billie S., Evie M., and Matthew M.

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