Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

One of our hay wagons.
Our fall has been busy! Here are the highlights from this month.

And the other.

The Pantry, which we help out as an on-going community service project, received a large donation from The Bishop's Storehouse in St. Louis. On Nov. 9, some of our members picked it up there and delivered it to Jefferson City where others were waiting to unload it and fill up the cupboards at The Pantry. On distribution day later this month, The Pantry handed out enough food to feed approximately 300 people.

The climbing tree.
On Nov. 11, we had a record turnout for our annual Parks & Rec Hayride and Bonfire at Binder Park with 17 families (53 people) attending. We look forward to this outing each year and the kids could not wait to climb their favorite tree, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and enjoy hanging out together. This year we added an extra hour to our time around the fire and we think next year we will add another one!
Getting supplies for the engineering problems.

Working on a problem.
On Nov. 16, the Science and Nature Club had a guest presenter at its monthly meeting. Matthew McMichael, a civil engineer, came to talk about different types of engineers and challenged club members with a few engineering activities. The members gained a better understanding of the difference between engineers and scientists and worked on three engineering projects which tested their perseverance and problem solving abilities.

--text by Evie M. and Billie S.
--photos by Evie M. and Matthew M.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Enjoying the hay ride at Fischer Farms.

The very first JCSHG field trip was to Fischer Farms and it has been an annual tradition every since.  On Oct. 6, 11 of our families (32 people) gathered at Fischer Farms to enjoy a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick gourds, mini pumpkins, and pie pumpkins. Then we had plenty of time to enjoy the corn maze, hay bale maze, corn box, and the farm animals. We always have a fun time there. Thank you, Fischer Farms!   
In the pumpkin patch . . .
. . . and the corn box.

Art Club member working on her self portrait.
A few of the self portraits done in a Frida Kahlo's style.
And a few more.
On Oct. 15, Art Club was led by Billie and she introduced us to Frida Kahlo.  We learned about Frida Kahlo's life and how her experiences influenced her art. We looked at several examples of her work, then the club was encouraged to complete a self portrait in a similar style.

On Oct. 26, our Quest Club held its first meeting. Members discussed the upcoming months, the first badge ceremony, and ideas for meetings and field trips. Families reported enjoying the program and many of the kids shared what badges they were working on at home. Two members, Zoe and Ava, gave a presentation on the badge she is working on. They each made a poster board as a visual aid. Zoe read aloud an essay she had written. They both did a great job! The next meeting will be a badge ceremony where the kids will receive the new badges they have earned.

--text by Evie M. and Billie S.
--photos by Evie M.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 2015

Enjoying a meal with friends and family.
On Sept. 13, 34 members attended our annual Family Picnic at the North Jefferson Recreational Area. After a potluck meal of delicious food, we all fellowshipped, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. The kids played several games, including a water relay and an egg and spoon race. We are looking forward to next year's picnic!

Egg and spoon race.
On Sept. 14, two families helped out The Pantry as part of our monthly service project. They put together packets of oatmeal and spices and did inventory.

Part of Jill F.'s presentation.
On Sept. 17, the Art and Science clubs met together at the library for a combined monthly meeting. The two groups were led by Jill F., who introduced color theories and how they apply to science and art. The kids participated in an experiment that tested their visual cues of color on taste. They had three glasses of three different colored liquids. They tasted them and picked their favorite. Some children guessed correctly--that the liquids all tasted the same regardless the color--but others were “fooled” by their brains that the different colors had different tastes. Then Jill F. introduced two color theories and what they mean in relation to art and science. The kids then did their art project, which was to make a two-sided color wheel that they could spin on a string and witness the colors combining. Thanks Jill F. for a great Art and Science Club meeting!

Making color wheels to see how colors combine.

On Sept. 28, members interested in forming a Quest Club met at the library. We had a large group of parents and kids in attendance, 28 people all together! We discussed Quest Clubs, how meetings would be run, when the group would meet and how members earn badges. Everyone left energized and ready to begin a new JCSHG activity!

--text by Biilie S. and Jeannette F.
--photos by Evie M.

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

On Aug. 10, we continued with our on-going service project to help The Pantry. For more information about what foods are available or to volunteer to help on distribution day, visit their website.

Mom looks on as daughter crochets.
On Aug. 20, Art Club members learned the basics of crocheting and some attempted to crochet a bookmark. Thank you for organizing this, Jessica R.!
Bubbles at Science and Nature Club.

On Aug. 25, Science and Nature Club members met to learn about surface tension by experimenting with bubbles. They learned how to make a bubble solution. Then they discussed what substances mix to create the water tension which holds air thus creates a bubble. Members also blew bubbles with different wands that they created. It was a perfect summer science activity. Thank you for organizing this, Jennifer K.!
Bubbles with a homemade wand.

Our members who attended The Magic House field trip this month.
On Aug. 28, we took this year's Annual Fall Field Trip to The Magic House in St. Louis. Forty-four members attended. We began our time in The Magic House by playing together in the traveling exhibit "Forts & Clubhouses."  We also enjoyed the "Children's China: Celebrating Culture, Character, and Confucius" temporary exhibit, as well as all of the other wonderful hands-on activities at this children's museum. Thank you for organizing this, Evie M.!
Making forts with our friends.

Playing with friends at Park Day . . .
Also, this month we have been enjoying some beautiful weather at our weekly Park Day.

. . . and more friends.
--text by Evie M., Billie S., and Jeannette F.
--photos by Jeannette F., Billie S., Evie M., and Matthew M.

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 1015

The beginning of our walk in the Salute to America parade.

This month we were busy with marching in the Independence Day parade, helping at The Pantry, painting with watercolors in Art Club, and playing with ooblek in Science Club.

Our walkers before the parade.
On July 3, 29 of our members walked in the Salute to America parade through downtown Jefferson City. We carried a group banner and passed out candy while waving and cheering. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to doing it again next year. Here is a link to the video; our group can be seen beginning at the 10:45 minute mark.

On July 13, some of our members helped out at a local food shelf, The Pantry. We generally serve there once a month. This month we helped with inventory, helped prepare a game for The Pantry's booth at an upcoming fair, and prepared handouts for the next distribution day.

Watercolor done at Art Club.

On July 16, Art Club worked with watercolors. Members learned the technique of using small cardboard strips instead of paintbrushes to paint. Thank you, Debbie E., for leading Art Club this month.

Making ooblek, a non-Newtontian fluid.
On July 21, Science Club met at the park to learn more about matter--because, "Matter matters!" The club discussed the five possible types of matter, what matter is made of, and the characteristics of molecules in each type of matter. Then things got messy. Members inflated a balloon with baking soda and vinegar, made ooblek (from corn starch and water) to experience a liquid that acts like a solid under pressure, and then mixed baking soda into the pan of ooblek, pouring vinegar on it to make a fun, frothy mess.

--by Evie M., Billie S., and Jeannette F.
--photos by Matthew M., Evie M., and Billie S.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

This month we had our second annual Family Dance, Science and Nature Club took a tour of the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery, and Art Club made dreamcatchers. Members who ordered new t-shirts also got them.

Freeze dance.
On June 7, six of our families--26 persons--danced the afternoon away. We also played musical chairs; Red Light, Green Light; and Simon Says; and did freeze dancing. Snacks were prepared and shared and everyone, young and old, got to hang out with their friends.

Looking for salamanders at the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery.
On June 10, the Science and Nature Club met at the Missouri Wildflowers Nursery. There was a guided tour of the nursery where we learned what the nursery does, what plants it grows, and why those plants are important for Missouri's ecosystem. Two of the highlights of the tour were the "seed room" and looking for salamanders among duckweed and other aquatic plants.
Original dream catchers.

On June 18, the Art Club met at the library to make dream catchers. After a discussion on the origin of  dream catchers, the ten attendees made their own out of small paper plates, yarn, beads, and feathers.
The front of our t-shirts . . .

and the back.
This year's t-shirts were ordered in white, black, honey, and kelly green. Kelly green was, by far, the most popular. The shirts feature our group's logo on the front and its acronym on the back.

--by Billie S. and Jeannette F.
--photos by Billie S., Evie M. and Jeannette F.