Monday, November 3, 2014

Helping out The Pantry

Brothers packaging oatmeal.
The Pantry is a new food pantry in Jefferson City where anyone who needs food can go without having to fill out any paperwork or meet any requirements. If you need food, come get it! The Pantry distributes real ingredients and recipes to those in need so they can prepare nutritious meals (instead of just handing them a prepackaged boxed meal).

On Oct. 20 we helped The Pantry package up ingredients for their October distribution day. We made up packets of oatmeal, grits, dried beans, homemade biscuit mix, rice, and seasonings. The Pantry has a simple menu of meals to choose from: homemade family-size chicken pot pie, white chicken chili, red beans and rice, chicken with rice and vegetables, and more. In some meals, people even get to select which seasonings they want, including Italian garlic, curry, Mexican, and lemon-pepper. Breakfast options include oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, grits, and homemade biscuits.

Pantry volunteer Kolbi W. organized our group's work party. Later that day she wrote, "Our realistic projections for October are to serve 84 families and 260 people. . . . To serve those 260 people, we estimate using 77 pounds of rice, 54 pounds of pasta, 70 pounds of beans, 432 pounds of chicken, 198 pounds of vegetables, and 250 seasoning packs and you guys packed a good deal of that today! Thank you!"

We look forward to helping The Pantry on a regular basis. Please check out their blog to learn more.

--by Evie M.
Packaging seasonings.

Mom and son packaging rice.

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