Monday, July 28, 2014

Lines, lines, lines . . .

Art Club met on July 24 to learn about one of the elements of art--line.  Members did four projects using different kinds of lines. The most fun was had with the pieces of paper that already had a couple of different kinds of lines drawn on them and the kids had to make a picture out of what was already on the paper.  It was great to see what different imaginations did with the same set of lines.

--by Evie M.

Members working on their projects.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Salute to America

Walking the route.
JCSHG made its first parade appearance at the Salute to America parade in Jefferson City, Mo., on July 3. Twenty-three members, representing five families, walked the parade route and handed out candy. The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves and we plan to do it again next year. Thanks to all who participated this year!

--photos by Evie M.

Passing out candy.

Check out all those JCSHG shirts!

Our parade walkers.