Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nature Art at the Park

Work in progress.

The JCSHG Art Club met at the park on Thursday to learn about and explore nature art. Members began by discussing what nature art meant to each of them. Some examples of nature art they shared were creating beautiful sketches, paintings, and sculptures inspired by art and making art with objects found in nature. Then they had the chance to create some nature art themselves.
Hammering a print.
There were several stations set up around the park to explore. At one station they made “real” leaf prints by placing leaves found at the park on paper then putting a paper towel over the lead and hitting it (gently or not) with a hammer to get a print. Many of the children experimented with leaves, clover, and other plants. At another station, sketch paper, charcoal, colored chalks, and pencils were provided for nature-inspired drawings. The favorite station of the day, however, was the painting and collage table. There were several paints for the kids to use to make prints with natural materials and glue to make collages. Some of them even painted rocks and arranged them in the rock area to create lovely temporary art.
Nature drawing.
At the end of the meeting the members shared their art with their friends then discussed ideas for future Art Club meetings. Everyone is looking forward to future Art Club meetings to learn about and create new art.
Temporary art: A flower.

Creative juices flowing.
--by Billie S.
--photos by Evie M.

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