Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sock Hop!

The family dancin'.
This Sunday afternoon we had 11 of our families get together for a 1950s-style Sock Hop at the North Jefferson City Cedar City Room. The room was decorated with records, balloons, and streamers and our snack table had a "Malt Shop" sign above it.

JCSHG Malt Shop.
Kids and grownups danced to a variety of 50s-inspired music. Several wore poodle skirts and other attire reminiscent of that time period.

The Chicken Dance.
They did the Chicken Dance. The kids played Musical Chairs. And all the kids got to participate in the Cake Walk--taking home all sorts of sweet treats.

Musical Chairs.
We look forward to doing another Family Dance in the future!
Dancing with Grandma.

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