Monday, September 30, 2013

Egg-cellent Fun!

Our meeting's organizer--Kelly S.
When we showed up for Science-Nature Club in late August with our contraptions for the egg drop, we were not expecting all of the other fun things Kelly S. had planned for us. 
The experimenters with their egg-drop contraptions.

We broke eggs and identified their different parts. We examined some eggs to determine which had been boiled and which ones hadn't--without breaking them. And, we got to examine an egg that had been soaked in vinegar. It was translucent (and squishy!). With a flashlight we could see its yolk.
The paper and Scotch tape contraption's result.

The egg-drop contraptions were dropped from the top of the house onto concrete. Some survived and some didn't.  Surprisingly, the one made only of paper and Scotch tape survived with only a crack.
Walking on eggs.

The kids also got to stand on a dozen eggs and then the cartons of eggs were placed like stepping stones and they got to walk on them. And they didn't crack! (No, they were not boiled eggs.)

Lots of fun was had and we decided we would like to do another egg drop to perfect our contraptions!

--by Evie M.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Magical Field Trip

Our group.
Through a fundraiser at Colton's Steakhouse & Grill, we were able to raise enough funds to take a trip to The Magic House--St. Louis Children's Museum. We had 11 families participate in this trip with a total of 36 people. We arrived together and then scattered throughout the facility. It was fun bumping into friends during the day in different areas of the museum. Lots of hands-on fun was had. There really was something for everyone. I wonder where our next trip will take us.

Thank you, Colton's!
--text by Evie M.
--photos by Evie M. and Tanya T.
Gone fishin'.

Pit crew.

Working and shopping at the grocery store.

Static electricity!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Balloons, Guns, and Fun

Results of our assembly line.

On August 25, 11 families came out for our second annual Family Picnic. Before lunch, several of the kids and a couple of adults formed an assembly line to fill water balloons. After a filling potluck meal of many delicious, homemade dishes, the kids started out with a water balloon fight, then moved on to a water relay race, and ended with a water gun battle.

We also held a short meeting while our families were eating and solicited activity ideas from group members.

It was a very pleasant afternoon with lots of conversation and hanging out with friends.

Looking forward to next year's picnic!

--photos by Matthew and Evie M.

Enjoying friends and food.

Homegrown and homemade goodness.
Water relay race in progress.

Water relay victory!

Preparing for battle.