Thursday, May 2, 2013

Science-Nature Club's First Meeting

On April 18 our Science-Nature Club held it's first official meeting. Eight families were in attendance to learn the scientific method and decorate their science journals.

Our first order of business was to discuss ideas, activities, and experiments for future club meetings. These included learning about nature (flowers, plants, animals, etc.), robotics, and chemical reactions. Everyone enjoyed discussing ideas and how we could incorporate them into our activities.

Each month a different family is in charge of leading the club meeting and activity or experiment. This month, members learned about the scientific method, then used it to hypothesize the identity of two liquids (water and vinegar) and two solids (salt and sugar). They used their five senses to observe and test the substances, then recorded their findings in their science journals. After the experiment, the kids decorated their science journals which they will be using the rest of the year.

The next meeting will on May 24 at the Prairie Garden Trust to learn about native Mo plant species and tour the gardens.

--by Billie S.

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