Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Badge

One of Wilson Bentley's photographs.
Four Quest Club members met at the library last Thursday for our quarterly badge-pinning ceremony and to work on the Snow Badge. Sixteen badges were awarded in the following categories: Dogs, Teamwork, Magnetism, Hot Air Balloon, Camping, Fire Building, Travel Destination: Philadelphia, Penn., and Travel Destination: Washington, D.C.

For the Snow Badge, we read Snowflake Bentley, a biographical picture book about Wilson A. Bentley. He took over 5,000 photographs of snowflakes over the course of his lifetime, and found no two alike.

Members then purused copies of his book Snowflakes in Photographs with pages and pages of snowflakes. They also discussed properties of snow--what it is made of, what state of matter is it, and at what temperature it forms.

To wrap up the meeting, members drew their own snowflakes and cut their own from paper.

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