Monday, October 22, 2012

Teamwork Badge

No one's falling off yet!
What do Wobblyballoons, Knots, Iceberg, and The Line Forms Here all have in common? Teamwork!

Our Quest Club met last week to work on the Teamwork Badge and played these four team-building games. Wobblyballoons involved team members each hitting the balloon with a marble inside of it one time before it fell to the ground. Knots involved each member grabbing two other members' hands, thus forming a big knot, and then unknotting the knot. Iceberg was played on a bedsheet that is getting smaller (melting) with the goal of not letting any one fall off the iceberg into the freezing water. And The Line Forms Here required members to line themselves up in a particular order--age, height, birthday, alphabetically by first and then middle name.

After the games the members discussed what teamwork is, why it is important, and what it requires.

Next month: Paleontology Badge. Join our Yahoo! group to learn more.

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