Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Hayride

It was a very warm day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a hayride and bonfire at Binder Park. As we rode down in a haywagon to the bonfire sight we saw lots of wildlife in the fields. Once we arrived, the little ones jumped off and immediately began playing and having fun. Of course as soon as we could unpack the food we were all about roasting our hot dogs. It was a lovely picnic lunch which included hot dogs, chips, veggies, and--of course--smores.  We even got in a short science lesson when the driver answered questions about the hydraulics on the tractor and let some of the younger ones pretend to drive. After we were all done eating, it was time to pack up and head back. On the ride back to our cars, we spotted a bald eagle flying over the lake and a pelican setting on a pole sticking up out of the water. Although it was warm, it was a gorgeous day for a hayride. Thanks to all of you were able to attend.

--by Melanie B.

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