Monday, September 24, 2012

Magnetism Badge

Corralling rice with a magnet.
Our Quest Club members had the opportunity to learn more about magnets last Thursday at our monthly Quest Club meeting by working on the Magnetism Badge. Members made a compass out of a needle they magnetized, stuck through a marshmallow, and set to float in a bowl of water. Members also corraled rice on a piece of paper by using a magnet under the paper and a staple above. And they explored different magnets, how they interact with each other and how they interact with some magnetic and some non-magnetic materials.

Magnetizing needles for a compass.

We also had our second badge-pinning ceremony. The following badges were announced:

First Aid: Joey A., Ethan M., Hayden M.
Drawing: Eileen S., Audrey F.
American Girl Doll: Eileen S.
Camping: Hayden M., Ethan M.
Chef: Joey A.
Civil War: Joey A.
Dance (ballet): Audrey F.
Fantasy: Zoe S.
Fire Safety: Ethan M., Hayden M.
Lego: Luke F.
Map Reading: Morgan S., Alexis S.
Sewing: Eileen S.
Worms: Ava S.

Next month we will work on our Teamwork Badge.
Badge recipients.

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