Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Service Project

Decorating bags.
We had a great turnout, and an absolutely beautiful day, for our fall service project.  A group of approximately seven families met at Sno Biz to make gift bags for people who will spend long hours or days in the ICU waiting room at St. Mary's Hospital. The kids had a fantastic time painting the canvas bags and making cards that will be a tremendous blessing to families with loved ones in ICU. Each family also donated supplies to fill the bags with toiletries and coloring books and other things to help families pass the time more enjoyably. We hope to continue the relationship with St. Mary's by volunteering with its fundraising mailings and other activities. I was so proud to drop off the beautiful bags filled with goodies!

Making cards.
More bags.

--by Kolbi W.
A few days later--
A thank you card from St. Mary's staff.

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