Monday, August 20, 2012

Ice Cream Badge

Last Thursday our Quest Club met to work on the Ice Cream Badge. Twenty-nine children were in attendance, making it our most attended meeting to date.
Learning the history of ice cream.
At the beginning of the meeting we took roll call and welcomed new members. Then we voted on next month's group badge. It was a close call between the Pirates and Magnetism badges, with the Magnetism Badge winning by just a few votes. Next we kicked off the Ice Cream badge by watching a demonstration of making ice cream with dry ice.

Making ice cream with solid carbon dioxide.

After learning a short history of ice cream we split into groups. The children fulfilled several requirements to earn the Ice Cream Badge. We tasted chocolate and strawberry ice creams and made lists of creative ice cream flavors we would like to try. We learned about the science of making homemade ice cream by attempting to make ice cream in a baggie. Then we learned that making ice cream in a baggie takes a really, really long time. Thankfully, cold sweet milk is yummy too.
Making ice cream in a small plastic bag.
Lastly, we came back together at the end of the meeting to share our ice cream flavor ideas and discuss some of the things we learned. We ended the meeting by yelling our motto; "Ask anything; explore everything!"

--text by Billie
--photos by Tracey

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