Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drawing Badge

Last Thursday we met at a local church for our monthly Quest Club meeting. We worked on completing the Drawing Badge, specifically the following badge requirements:

Colored and graphite pencil learning station.
1. Make an original pencil, ink, crayon, charcoal, or chalk drawing.
2. Look at at least 10 different drawings in at least three styles. These can be cartoons, line drawings, value drawings, sketches, etc.
3. Learn about three different types of art erasers: kneadable, white plastic, and art gum. Test each one.

Club members broke into small groups and worked their way through six learning stations. There they learned about and used graphite pencils, compressed charcoal, drawing chalk and three different art erasers. They also looked at numerous drawings in four different art books.

The remainder of the meeting was spent making an original drawing. Some members chose to use fixative spray on their completed drawing.

Making a compressed charcoal drawing.
Next month we will be working on the Ice Cream Badge. Join our Yahoo! group to find out when and where.

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