Monday, May 21, 2012

First Aid Badge

"Help! There's been an accident!"
We held our third monthly Quest Club meeting on Tuesday with 21 kids from 11 families participating. We welcomed one new family this month.

After roll call and introducing themselves and telling about any badges they had completed or were working on, students began discussing "What is First Aid?" They divided themselves into groups of three to five and then discussed these questions:
  • Why is first aid important?
  • Why should you think of your own safety before rushing in to help an injured or sick person?
  • How do you think someone might feel if they have had an accident?
  • How could you help keep them calm?

After the small-group discussions, members shared their answers with the entire club.

Next, members role played calling 911. They learned that sometimes you get a recording when you call 911, sometimes you get a busy signal, and sometimes you immediately get a 911 dispatcher. They also learned what to do if you accidentally dial 911 when there is not an emergency

To wrap up the meeting, the students all came together to share some of the things they learned at club that day and to repeat the club's motto: "Ask anything, explore everything!"
We are looking forward to our first Badge Pinning Ceremony at next month's meeting on June 19. We will be meeting at a local park and working on the Tie Dye Badge. Come join us!

--photo by Evie

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