Thursday, April 19, 2012

Map Reading Badge

Circle time.
We held our second monthly Quest Club meeting on Tuesday with 26 kids from 10 families participating. Welcome to the three new families joining us this month!

Participants introduced themselves, telling their name and age and if they were working on any badges at the moment. Then they voted for the sash as their club's uniform for pinning badges on and to work on the First Aid badge at next month's meeting.

Students were then divided into two groups. One group went on a treasure hunt, following a map and using compass directions to find the treasure. Meanwhile the other group explored different kinds of maps and discussed the difference between a map and an atlas. Maps explored included: globe, topographical maps, a hiking trail map, street maps and road maps. Then both groups had an opportunity to begin making a map of their own--of their room, house, or yard.

To wrap up the meeting, the students all came together to share some of the things they learned at club that day.

Join us in May to work on the First Aid badge! Dues are only $10 per family for the year. Join our Yahoo! group for more information.

In June we will have our first badge pinning ceremony. Those wishing to participate need to turn in information on their completed badges by the May 15 meeting. JCSHG will pay for any group badges earned; participants will pay for other badges earned. Badges are $1 each.

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