Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Five of our families participated in a field trip to Jefferson City Fire Station #1 last Wednesday.

Fully dressed firefighter shakes hands with students.
Our trip guides showed us all the gear a fire fighter wears; one of them dressing up to show us what a fire fighter might look like who comes  into our house to rescue us from a fire. We were instructed to "Go to the firefighter."

One of the axes the firefighters use.

Then we were shown Engine 4, with all of its hoses, nozzles, tools, and other gear. We were told what it was for and how it was used.

After a chance to walk through the cab of Engine 4, we were shown how the thermal camera worked.

Checking out the thermal camera.

 We also learned that this year marks JCFD's 100th anniversary as a paid firefighting force. Watch for news about its celebration later this year.

Thanks, JCFD Station #1! We had fun and learned lots.

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